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February 2007
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Exclusive: The Official Draft of the Oil and Gas Law of The Iraq Republic, 15 Jan 2007 (Update 1)

Updated - Thanks to the efforts of Raed Jarrar the text of the laws is now available in English (see link below).

Front Page of Iraqi Oil and Gas Law

Al-Ghad is publishing the full text of the draft Law of Oil & Gas which has been kept away from Iraqi and international public opinion. This will make possible an objective evaluation of this major project and its possible far reaching consequences for the Iraqi people and the world oil industry. We have already published an extensive analysis of the previous draft, by a prominent oil expert, and we are in the process of publishing an update by the same writer, we see no need to introduce this important document.

See the full text of the Draft Law (Arabic)
Full text of the Draft Law (English) With thanks to Raed.
Read Al-Ghad’s Expert Commentary on the Law (in Arabic)
Al-Ghad’s Expert Commentary on the Law (in Engish)


Comment from Raed Jarrar
Time: 2007-02-15, 12.46 pm

thank you very much for your great work!

Comment from Raed Jarrar
Time: 2007-02-15, 2.17 pm

الرجاء من الغد نشر نسخة أخرى قابلة للطباعة

Comment from Kristina
Time: 2007-02-20, 5.25 am

The UK group War On Want is in a battle against poverty and works for international workers’ rights. It supports the General Union of Oil Employees, based in Basra, in its campaign against the privatization of Iraqi oil.

“Oil is the most important natural resource in Iraq, bringing in huge amounts of revenue,” according to War On Want. “Yet while the Iraqi people struggle to rebuild their nation amidst constant violence, Iraqi oil is being sold off behind closed doors to foreign multinationals.

“The overwhelming majority of Iraqis are opposed to the privatization of their oil, yet the government has denied that privatization is actually taking place. What’s more, the contracts being signed exempt companies from new laws which could affect their profits, so they can continue to subject their workers to inhumane working conditions which place their health and safety at risk. War on Want supports the oil workers’ union in their fight against privatization and their campaign for international solidarity for the plight of the oil workers.”

People from many nations are telling their leaders they will not stand by and let an entire country be sacrificed to the corrupt oil kingpins. Remember the tale of David and Goliath? Let us hope and work for an outcome in Iraq that favors union workers who struggle valiantly, like David, and hope that they are successful in defeating the Giant oil industry, huge in stature like Goliath, but blinded by greed. We know how the story ends.

Comment from nonImperial American
Time: 2007-02-20, 8.19 pm

This is a crime. Americans invade a country in order to secure oil rights for its corporations.

This is why we are hated.

Comment from Eric
Time: 2007-02-21, 1.01 am

This is rather an important release. With James Glanz of the New York Times writing yesterday that “earlier drafts of the law” were “described to The New York Times” and that it “is considered an essential element of creating a stable and functioning government,” a blogger making the entire text available is a heck of a scoop.

Comment from du2vye
Time: 2007-02-21, 6.02 am

It’s a myth that those in Washington D.C. ever were representing people in the U.S. If anything, the world may be needed someday to ’save’ the U.S. as it’s now the poorest in the world. Those splitting the oil in Iraq certainly have no intention of splitting profits with people in the U.S. and loudly decry any attempt to do such - or usually just set up headquarters on some bogus island outside of U.S. jurisdiction if a 0.001 percent tax is raised.

Why leaders in the rest of the world have not seen there is no support domestically for these ‘leaders’ has been beyond me. They were not elected, never have been ‘popular’ (despite controlling the media) and the best I can assume - have also been widely promised profits from the gain. Like crooks, they don’t follow through on thier promises - Saddam is a good example. He was once thier ‘golden boy’ as well.

Back in 2001, the U.S. discovered media was blocked domestically, that Congress couldn’t stop them, elections were dirty and the two party system was broken. The U.S. is not a ‘democracy’ by international standards, never was and as it is, never will be. Iraq was planned in advance. Shameful and embarrassing, but true - look at the history since WWII.

A very vocal minority now controls the U.S. The same dirty contractors were given no-bid awards to the reconstruction of New Orleans. The same policies used for Iraq are being imported to domestic soil. I don’t know if there is any comfort from the fact that for the first time, U.S. civillians will be subject to the same policies we’ve exported the last 50+ years - but there should be little doubt that the policies represented by the U.S. are not those that are popularly supported by the people.

This war was a lie. This war was pre-planned. This war will never profit the majority of those living in the U.S. nor was it designed to be a benefit to the majority. This government doesn’t even feel the need to cover thier tracks anymore. It has nothing to do with being ’stupid’. Everyone in power has been involved in government for decades - and planning this.

Comment from rebecca
Time: 2007-02-21, 4.27 pm

this is worng. why make war keep going.

Comment from Oil Baron
Time: 2007-02-26, 5.37 am

What makes this document “official”? I don’t see any authors’ names on it, so why should anyone think it has any merit whatsoever? In addition, of what value is a draft? Early drafts of laws often have no resemblance to a law that is actually passed. How many other laws on the same subject are being drafted? If there are others, why are they not posted here? Could it be that they don’t feed the paranoia you seek to fuel?

Comment from salamadil
Time: 2007-02-27, 2.11 pm

Oil Barron - In the absence of any contradictory publication of the law, this is as official as you are going to get. Anyway debating the merits of reality will get us nowhere. A draft is important - because without any real debate the draft is what you probably end up with as the actual law. And isn’t that the whole point of publishing the law in this site - to start a debate? The point is not how many drafts there are out there but why is this the only one that the world has seen? I for one would be please to see the whole process of drafting this law done in the open by the Iraqi Government - just like you would expect in a real democracy.

Comment from Xman
Time: 2007-03-15, 12.10 am

1. First Bush said Iraqi oil would pay the costs getting rid of WMD’s.
2. Then he said America had no intention of taking Iraqi oil, we were just “liberating” the Iraqi people.
3. Now, the big four oil companies get 63 of the 80 known oil fields.
4. The USA citizens never get repaid out of oil the big four company profits.

The Only Possible Conclusions:
5. The USA military is a private corporation military.
6. The pres and vp are running our country as a private corporation.
7. Congress and the people let them do what they want, so we are all guilty.
8. Middle Eastern people are justified in hating us.

Comment from 2turk
Time: 2007-04-01, 8.16 am

The American/British oil barons plan to pilfer and steal Iraqi petroleum resources inorder to enrich themselves. A Jim Hightower animation addresses the issues.

Comment from Madison - Mister Doctor
Time: 2008-11-12, 11.22 am

yeh fully agree with 2turk! thanks for your article. nice ideas and interesting point of view. I’m interested in this kind of information on politics and will be so much glad to read new notes written by you. good job! have a nice day

Comment from archaeologists
Time: 2010-07-12, 12.57 am

“Oil is the most important natural resource in Iraq, bringing in huge amounts of revenue,” according to War On Want. “Yet while the Iraqi people struggle to rebuild their nation amidst constant violence, Iraqi oil is being sold off behind closed doors to foreign multinationals.

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