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Getting Started As A Local Bartender

I have always wanted to be a bartender, but I never really knew what I needed to do in order to get a gig like that.  After talking to a few people, I realized that I needed to get a TABC permit in order to be able to serve alcohol.  I began doing a little bit of research and looking for schools that would give me the training that I needed in order to be able to fulfill my dream.  There were a few different schools in my area, so I wanted to find the one that would give me the best training for the lowest price and make sure that I was fully licensed to serve alcohol in my area.  After looking into all of this, I signed up for a school and began my journey to become a bartender.

I actually enjoyed the training, and the instructor was incredibly helpful.  She taught me everything that I needed to know about serving while also doing everything legally and by the book.  By the time all was said and done, I had a permit to serve alcohol in my state, and I would be able to start looking for a job as a bartender.  I started filling out applications at local bars that were hiring until I finally got an interview with one.

TABC permit

I am now a full time bartender, and I absolutely love my job.  I love the people I work with, and I enjoy serving my customers.  I also make a pretty good amount of money in tips, which is definitely something that is a plus.  If you have thought about becoming a bartender, my advice would be to go for it and get the training that you need to get started.