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All About ED And What You Can Do About It

ED is not the name of a person. But it could very well be you. Test this out the next time you decide to be intimate with your loved one. And when the moment comes for you to rise to the occasion what happens next? Do you please here and come later? Or do you remain limp, shudder, slip away and roll over and try to get to sleep, not necessarily out of exhaustion but out of sheer desperation. That moment may just be a premature one, so no need to overreact.

what causes ED

But do act if this scenario is you on more than one occasion, in fact, several times during the course of one year and throughout your relationship if, miraculously, it is still holding up. If this is you then you are ED. ED is erectile dysfunction and lucky enough for you, there is plenty enough action ahead of you to take. From now on, learning what causes ED can empower you to take a hard stand. It will be a classic case of taking the bull by the horns.

If you have ED – make a note, mind you, that only a professional clinic can and should determine this for certain – you will be experiencing a number of symptoms, not just the limp-wristed affair. You could be heavily overweight and bloated. Not well fed, just stuffed with all the wrong things. You could be under a lot of pressure lately, not from the obvious, but from other areas in your life, usually over work and money.

You smoke too much, and you shouldn’t even be smoking at all. That’s to say you want to keep this up in the years to come. ED happens when you get older too.